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Alliance XR LARP

Enter the Wyldes

The Wyldes is a new and exciting adventure to unfold, wild and overgrown, lost to the multitude of monsters that wish to stake their claim in the woods of the Wyldes of Kosmara.

The call has gone out to any and all adventurers to help the people of Old Kuspar. Help them face their new problems: starvation, disease, and a growing dark power within the grounds. Monsters and beasts have become the way of life, causing the mists to open and the call be sent throughout Fortannis to any new or old adventurer to come before The Wyldes are lost forever.


Join Alliance

Alliance Crossroads (XR) is a high-fantasy LARP set in a medieval realm where you have the opportunity to be a hero, villain, or anything in between.

At Crossroads we use the Alliance LARP rules system, which allows you to participate in many campaigns across America and Canada. Come out and play with us and be all that you can’t be!

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