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Owner & Plot



General Manager

Overarching questions, site planning, donations, travel enquiries



Head of Plot / Assistant General Manager / New Player Representative

First point of contact for those new to Alliance, Crossroads, or curious about LARP. Available on the Facebook Group and Discord

Meet Our Staff




Questions about production items, magic items and any preregistration or character creation questions in regards to the CMA. Available on the Discord or Facebook Group


Head of Rules

Questions about mechanics, character builds, magic items, rules changes.



Stephen Weese has been playing Alliance for a whole year now, but started LARPing over 20 years ago. He teaches film and computers in college, and also is a film and voice actor and producer. He is a trained fencer and loves JRPGs. Stephen helps write small quests and creates new and colorful NPCs for players to interact with.

Josh P.jfif





Josh has been with Alliance LARP for a little over three years and joined after seeing a friend post about attending Alliance. Outside of LARP and work, Josh enjoys playing D&D, video games and leatherworking. He is in his first year as a member of the plot team and also works with his brother to make props for Crossroads and help on the development of the site.


Josh has been playing Alliance LARP at Crossroads for around eight years, both as an NPC as as his character known as Alpha. He got involved in LARP when looking for new hobbies aside from his normal D&D and Magic the Gathering. He heard of Alliance from one of his coworkers and found a community of locals that carpooled to games up at Crossroads. After his first game, he was hooked as the social, physical and creative game side he was looking for in a hobby. In his free time, Josh spends time with his wife and dog while playing games and watching medieval or fantasy TV shows.

“If you are thinking about trying LARP, just do it. It’s far more than you imagine and highly immersive once you get into it. You’ll be telling a story of your own one day, for years to come.” - Josh


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