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Looking to help out? Can't find the time to go to workdays? Need more Goblin Stamps? Have extra costumes? 

Donate them for Goblin Stamps! 



          Crossroads currently accepts Cash, gift cards, and donations at a rate of 5GS/$1.

Donations above $250 will also receive Dragon Stamps from nationals!

We also now have a Patreon that includes multiple tiered donation levels with a ton

of rewards and swag! check it out at!

For a full list of ways to earn GS and a list of ways to spend them, check out our full

policy post on the Alliance forums!

Please send receipts of any donations to: so we can ensure goblins stamps are sent to you in a timely manner.

Donate via PayPal below

*Our general policies on donations are as follows:

1. If you would not use it, we don’t want it. Which means, if the item in question is not of a quality that you yourself would make use of, then we will be unlikely to accept it. 


2. If it is not on the list of items needed then we may not accept it. While we are grateful for any donations you may bring to us, there are some things we just do not need any more of. Space to store all of the things involved is always an issue, and when we have too much of one thing we are not able to accept any more of the things we need. Please check the lists before you make any purchases, or spend hours constructing anything. We hate to turn away anyone with something to give, but sometimes it is unavoidable.


3. You may ship your donation to us. Please notify us first and make sure you let us know who you are and your player number please.


4. Please remember that all items must not have any religious symbols on them of any kind.


5. Talk to us! The staff will decide based on the above policy and our current needs what is a fair and rewarding amount of stamps to compensate you for your donation. If you feel you are not being treated fairly let us know, we will try to work something out.

- Disposable dish wear and utensils

- Trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels

- Make-up wipes!!!!

- Sponges, make-up wedges, large car sponges 

- Spirit gum

- Garland, leaves, other dryad costuming!!!!

- Horns, ears, tusks, masks, and "Sarr" prosthetics

- Fur and other costume accessories

- Peasant shirts in multiple sizes and basic colors

- NPC Make-up (preferrably Mehran or Ben-nye)

- Armor (leather,metal, or wood)

- NPC costuming (monster clothes, capes, robes, hats)

- Bird seed (small seed such as millet), packet cloth

- 2x4s, sub Flooring, plywood, etc.

- Fire Extinguisher

- First Aid Kit

- Flashlights

- Dry erase boards and dry erase markers

- Tarps and camo netting

- Spray Paint (any and all colors!)

- Hand tools/power tools

- Glow sticks and LED lights

- Outdoor solar LED lights

- Rope lights (battery powered)

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