Alliance Crossroads would like to personally thank Alliance Gettysburg for all of their help and contributions with the restart of the Chapter.

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Pre Register

- Please user the button below to preregister using the CMA

Game Fee

- Pay via PayPal below for a single event

- $50 per game 

- Player MUST also have paid for one of the chapter fee options to attend games

Single Entry Chapter Fee

- Pay via PayPal below for a single event's chapter fee 

- Option best for players attending a single game per year

- Single Game Entry | $5

* One time chapter fee allows player to attend a single game. Game fee is additional. 

Annual Chapter Membership

- Pay via PayPal below for an annual chapter membership.

- $20 per year (Jan. 1st - Dec. 31st)

- Membership allows player to attend the games. Game fees are additional per game.