Alliance Crossroads would like to personally thank Alliance Gettysburg for all of their help and contributions with the restart of the Chapter.

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Event Info

2019 Events

January 25th-27th
March 1st-3rd
April 12th-14th

May 11th *Kids Event*

June 15th *Kids Event*
July 13th
August 9th-11th
September 13th-15th

October 11th-13th Alternate Campaign
November 15th-17th

Dates for workdays, craftdays, and fightdays well be posted on our Facebook, so keep a look out for those as they pop up!


Located at

520 Doc Hawkins Rd,
Greeneville, TN 37745

Site Info

Alliance Crossroads currently holds events on our own land in Tennessee, about an hour and a half away from Asheville, NC where we are based in.

We have 33 acres to work with, however most of the land will be under construction in the first few years of game play.


Alliance XR currently offers 

- Dungeon area 

- Multiple trails to explore

​- Tavern, currently with no kitchen

- Many wide open areas for wave battles

- Large out-door campfire rings with seating

- Many different types of terrain for all types of mods


In the future 

- Multi-level play areas

- Different types and sized cabins

- Fully stocked Tavern with kitchen

- Monster camp cabin for NPC/Staff use

​- Full bathhouse with showers, toilets, sinks and mirrors